We are hiring

We are looking for enthusiastic staff to join our team.

STEAM and Robotics coach

Can you teach Robotics, Computer Science or STEAM?
We are hiring part-time online coaches that are able to teach Computer Science, Robotics, Programming, Ethical Hacking, and 3D Design and Modelling. You don’t need to be able to teach all of these specialist subjects but are looking for coaches who are able to teach at least two of them.

Ethical Hacking Tutor

Are you able to teach ethical hacking? Are you CEH certified from EC-Council?
If the answer to the above 2 questions is yes, get in touch. We are looking for teachers who are able to teach ethical hacking to students globally and teach students how to breach security systems, conduct tests on computer networks and try to hack into virtual networks to access information. The purpose of ethical hacking programs is to teach our students how to identify weaknesses in security systems to help determine how to improve Internet security. We also coach students for their CEH exams with EC-Council and are looking for someone that can fulfil this role. Email an expression of interest to info@steamlabs.co.th and tell us why you want to teach Ethical Hacking for Steam Labs.


Where will you be based?

Steam Labs operates all classes online.  If you are located in Bangkok, you will have the option to come and work at our studio. We expect all coaches to have their own space to teach everything except for robotics.  All new coaches will not teach robotics unless they are located in Bangkok.  We will provide the necessary hardware for robotics once coaches have demonstrated they are able to teach robotics using an VR platform to begin with.

Will you be given training?

You will be given on-the-job training and will be required to attend other teachers’ online lessons at the beginning so you can get an idea of how to deliver rich engaging lessons online.  In the first few months, you will be given regular feedback on lessons that you deliver.  We are looking for creative coaches that can demonstrate real-time problem-solving techniques.

Can the role lead to a full-time position?

Steam Labs is continually expanding, we deliver lessons to students in over 5 countries and we may look to take on some stuff full time if they are able to demonstrate the skills mentioned above and if they are able to develop good curriculum content for the programs we offer.

How many hours will you teach per week?

We start all staff off on around 4 hours per week.  We have a continuous waiting list of students and are always looking to grow.  The sky is the limit in terms of the number of hours we can offer you and will normally look to fit students in around your work schedule.

Will you provide necessary hardware?

We expect all staff to have a fast enough internet connection and a reliable computer.  Any other equipment you need for teaching will be provided.

How do I apply for a role?

Email an expression of interest to info@steamlabs.co.th and tell us why you want to be part of the Steam Labs team.