Below is some information on the courses we currently have available here at Steam Labs. We run different programming and robotics camps throughout the year, contact us to find out more

Online VEX Robotics Programs

One of a kind online robotics classes that develop skills in STEAM

VEX Robotics Home Tutoring

Our VEX Robotics Home Tutoring programs use VEX IQ and VEX V5 robotics kits that enable students to develop skills in Design Technology and Computer Science.

Computer Science Tutoring

Online Computer Science tutoring for Cambridge and IB as well as a variety of different programming languages

Ethical Hacking Programs

Ethical hacking involves a hacker agreeing with an organisation or individual who authorises the hacker to levy cyber attacks on a system or network to expose potential vulnerabilities.

VEX V5 Coaching Program

Learn how to develop robot lifting systems, design and build strong robot bases and understand the VEX V5 mechanical launching systems

VEX IQ Coaching Program

Develop students skills in electronics, iterative design, programming, teamwork and communication through our in person VEX Robotics programs.

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