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What is Ethical Hacking and what is it used for?

Ethical hacking involves a hacker agreeing with an organisation or individual who authorises the hacker to levy cyber attacks on a system or network to expose potential vulnerabilities. An ethical hacker is also sometimes referred to as a white-hat hacker. Many depend on ethical hackers to identify weaknesses in their networks, endpoints, devices, or applications. The hacker informs their client as to when they will be attacking the system, as well as the scope of the attack. An ethical hacker operates within the confines of their agreement with their client. They cannot work to discover vulnerabilities and then demand payment to fix them. This is what gray hat hackers do. Ethical hackers are also different from black hat hackers, who hack to harm others or benefit themselves without permission.

What are the career options for a Computer Engineer or Ethical Hacker?

Chief Information Security Officer | Incident Analyst | Responder | Information Security Analyst | Senior Security Consultant | Software code Analyst | Digital Forensic Expert | Cryptographer | Risk Controller International Trainer | Penetration Tester | Security Architect | Security Engineer | Researcher | Exploit Developer | Ethical Hacker



Why study Ethical Hacking with Steam Labs?

We employ staff that have a real passion for educating students on Ethical Hacking and are able to break down very complex topics for learners of all abilities.  All of our staff are not only CEH Certified Ethical Hackers from EC-Council, they are qualified teachers that specialise in educating students all over the world.  Our trainers a strong background in Cyber Security as well as education, both of these skills allow our trainers to get the very best results from all of our students.

We Provide Professional training that includes real-world challenges.  All programs are ONLINE.

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