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VEX Robotics Studio in Bangkok

Steam Labs robotics programs for 7 – 18 year-olds are engaging classes that combine elements of science, technology, engineering, art and maths (STEAM).

Our Location

We are located in the North of Bangkok in a home-based robotics studio close to Samsen Railway station. Click on the below button to see where we are located in Bangkok

Our Programs

Steam Labs offers one to one tuition or group programs for VEX IQ and VEX EDR robotics. Looking for more information?


Steam Labs has tutoring services tailored to Cambridge IGCSE and A Level Computer Science and IB Computer Science.  We also offer a range of programming courses catering to all ages groups. Click on the below link for more info

Who are we?

Steam Labs is a home-based robotics studio in Samsen Nai, Bangkok. Our tutor school is focused on delivering VEX Robotics courses in English for students from 7 to 18 years old.  Our programs don’t just teach the fundamentals of robotics and STEAM, but also focus on improving student’s ability to communicate effectively in English. Our coaches are VEX certified instructors and have a wealth of experience in leading robotics in National and World Championship competitions. We have a full VEX EDR and IQ field set up in our home studio along with Chromebooks and other equipment to facilitate classes of up to 4 students per class.  We offer a range of programs from beginner to advanced using both VEX IQ and VEX EDR kits.  We also offer 1-1 tuition for students of all ages ranges and run robotics courses at student homes.

Our Programs

VEX Junior Program

Designed for students from 7 to 10 years old. There are 3 different levels offered in the VEX IQ Junior Program. This program uses VEX IQ robotics kits and VEXcode blocks for programming.


Simple. Flexible. Powerful.

VEX Upper Program

Designed for students from 10 to 14 years old. There are 3 different levels offered in the VEX IQ Upper Program. This program uses VEX IQ robotics kits and VEXcode text for programming.


Simple. Flexible. Powerful.

VEX EDR Program

Designed for students from 14 to 18 years old. There are 3 different levels offered in the VEX EDR Program. This program uses VEX V5 robotics kits and VEXcode Text for programming.


Think. Create. Build. Amaze. VEX.

Online VEXcode VR Program

Unable to attend a robotics course in person? We run courses using VEXcode VR which allows us to teach robotics and programming remotely.


Simple. Flexible. Powerful.

Why choose Steam Labs?

The concept of Steam Labs is to educate, coach and empower learners to imagine and create the future through play and innovation, using Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Maths

Steam Labs delivers a comprehensive curriculum using robotics that is focused on developing the creativity and problem solving necessary to explore ideas, develop strong communication skills and develop learners’ mindsets.

Why VEX?

VEX Robotics isn’t just a robotics kit, it is a platform and a community that encourages students to improve communications, develop teamwork strategies, problem solve and learn to co-operate with one another.  Students who come out of VEX Robotics programs normally go on to work in various fields in engineering or technology. VEX Robotics programs are recognised by global organisations like Google and Tesla and they normally have a large presence at VEX events along with other tech companies.

What if I don’t have any experience with robotics?

Our teachers have a strong background in Engineering, Computer Science and Robotics and are able to differentiate programs at Steam Labs to students of all abilities and ages.  We teach in small private groups of up to 4 students, or we can offer private classes so our teachers can further differentiate programs and content.

National and International VEX Competitions

If students are interested in pursuing a career in engineering or technology, Steam Labs has a dedicated program focused on coaching teams to enter VEX competitions both nationally and internationally.  Programs such as VEX are highly recognised by universities and are an excellent way to demonstrate skills developed outside of school.

Study Robotics as a distance learner

We have certified VEX instructors who can teach online using the VEXcode VR platform. This allows us to deliver online classes and develop a student’s understanding of robotics and program code.

What makes Steam Labs online robotics programs unique?

Our online programs are an excellent alternative to physically studying in our robotics studio.  Using a VR platform and allowing students to physically connect to the robots in our home studio enables students to monitor their coding outcomes through remote cameras, this technology and digital resource, in turn, enables us to deliver high-quality online lessons.  Our online lessons are one to one which allows us to deliver effective online lessons.

Online Computer Science Tutor

Other than robotics, we also specialise in teaching Computer Science for IGCSE, A-Level and IB.  All teachers are qualified and from the UK with a background in Engineering and Computer Science.  We can teach online or face to face in central Bangkok.  Details of the courses we offer are below.

  • IGCSE Computer Science including intensive exam preparation
  • A-Level Computer Science including intensive exam preparation
  • IB Computer Science
  • Programming in Python, Java and C++

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