VEX V5 Coaching Program

VEX V5 Coaching Program

We have new in person VEX Robotics coaching programs for students aged 12 to 18 years old that aim to develop students skills in electronics, iterative design, programming, teamwork and communication through our in person VEX Robotics programs. Students will be using the VEX V5 robotics kit and will go through a 35 week coaching program with the aim to then compete at the VRC Nationals in Thailand in 2025. The coaching program starts from March 2024 on Saturday with Steam Labs from 14.30 – 17.30 each Saturday and we have spots open for 12 students who are passionate about developing skills in STEAM.

Course Details 2024/2025

Week 1-5

Learn how to develop robot lifting systems, design and build strong robot bases and understand the VEX V5 mechanical launching systems

Week 6-10

Understanding VEX V5 electronics components, develop multi sensor programs and learn to use the robot brain and VEX lighting system to troubleshoot problems

Week 11-15

Develop programs in C++ and Python and create a feedback system on the robot brain to understand inputs from multiple sensors then the design competition robot base and sub systems.

Week 16-20

Write autonomous programs for the VEX V5 competition robot and learn how to troubleshoot mechanical and electronics problems.

Week 21-35

VEX Competition coaching including practice competitions, analysing data from robot sensors and motors and how to compete effectively for the 2024/2025 VEX Robotics season.

VEX V5 Coaching Program Gallery

Who is the coach running these programs?

Rob Parker


Rob is an experienced VEX Robotics coach and a qualified teacher with an MA in Education Technology and a PGCE with QTS in Computer Science from UCL. He has a strong background in robotics and programming and has led multiple teams to victory over the last few years with students being awarded places to compete at VEX Worlds in the USA.

Rob is passionate about developing students skills in STEAM education. Check out some of the students and parents’ experience of studying VEX Robotics programs at Steam Labs

Marc Wilford


Meet Marc, an experienced and highly qualified educator with a passion for STEM education. Marc holds a PGCE in Secondary Science from Sussex University and is currently pursuing a Masters in International Education from Kings College London.

With an background in STEM, Marc has led four teams to the F1 in Schools World Finals in both Singapore and Malaysia, showcasing his expertise in fostering student excellence and cultivating a passion for engineering and technology. His dedication to creating engaging robotics programs and his commitment to staying abreast of the latest educational practices make him an asset to any learning environment.


What do our parents and students have to say?

I have been a student of VEX for many years. I started with Steam Labs after competing at VEX IQ for several years and then moved onto VEX V5 with Steam Labs. The experience with Coach Rob is like no other, he is dedicated to teaching me all core skills in electronics and programming and also encourages me to do better. I am excited going into my first VEX V5 competition this season to see how I do.
Having studied with Steam Labs for over two year, I can wholeheartedly say that it has been an amazing experience starting with a summer course in programming to now working on VEX robotics and just started with ethical hacking which has been extremely interesting. Through all courses, I've developed skills in problem solving, critical thinking and engineering that I wouldn't have been able to learn before. Furthermore, Mr. Rob is not only a coach or teacher but truly someone who cares and constantly gives great advice even about life. I eagerly look forward to continuing my studies with Steam Labs.
Our thanks to the brilliant team at steam labs for making it possible to the vex v5 completion. A great learning experience on robotics - not just acquiring STEM skills but facing challenges, staying positive and supporting one another.