Log4j – Log4j Vulnerability Scanner – CVE2021 44228 – Kali Linux 2022

Picture of Written by Rob Parker

Written by Rob Parker

Rob is a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH v11) from EC-Council and a certified EIPA Data Protection Officer that specialises in security and ethical hacking. He has worked in all parts of the world in various security roles and is keen on helping others in their ethical hacking journeys.

Steam Labs Ethical Hacking posts are designed to educate, introduce and demonstrate hacking tools for penetration testing purposes only. We will not be held responsible for people who use these skills for illegal or malicious attacks.

In this video we are going to introduce you to the Log4j exploit and how to use one of many scanners to see if your web services are vulnerable.  We have a few videos planned on different python scripts you can run as well as how to hack Minecraft using the Log4j exploit.

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