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Online VEX Robotics Programs

One of a kind online robotics classes that develop skills in STEAM

What is special about our online classes at Steam Labs?

Our programs at Steam Labs are unique to what other robotics schools are offering both in Bangkok, and overseas.  With changes to the way education is being delivered globally, we have developed programs that allow students to learn how to program VEX IQ and VEX EDR robots over the internet.  Our programs allow students to develop a range of skills from remotely accessing computers and IP cameras over the internet to how to use artificial intelligence and gps to track objects in real time. 

In order to develop students skills in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) we use a range of technologies and programming languages that allow students to develop skills in the 5 subjects in our STEAM model.

How many online levels are available?

We have 9 levels available from basic programming using VEXcode blocks up to high-level programming which entail setting up programs that use artificial intelligence.

What if I or my child has no programming experience?

We take students with zero programming experience.  What is special about our programs is they are differentiated to suit students with a range of skills.  Get in touch with us to find out a little more about our programs.

What device will I or my child student need for online robotics classes?

Students can use either Windows or MAC computers.  Students will need to have Google Chrome installed and would strongly recommend that the student has a Gmail account


What if I or my child cannot communicate fluently in English?

Our programs have been set up by qualified teachers who have taught in 3 different continents and who are used to working with students with varying language skills.  All lessons are adapted to suit individual students needs.

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