Tutoring with Steam Labs

Steam Labs employs a range tutors for the below subjects and offers to tutor students in one of our online classrooms as well as face to face locally in Bangkok. Prices below are for online classes, a travel fee will be added for face to face tuition in Bangkok.

How much do you charge for tutoring?

  • IGCSE Computer Science ฿1650 per hour
  • A-Level Computer Science ฿1850 per hour
  • IB Computer Science ฿1850 per hour
  • Programming in Python, Java or C++ ฿1650 per hour

Cambridge IGCSE and A Level Computer Science

Steam Labs offers online tutoring for IGCSE Computer Science (0478) and A Level Computer Science (9608) and (9618).  Our tutors are also able to tutor locally in central Bangkok.

Our tutors are able to program to a high level in Python, Java and V.B NET and are also able to explain complex topics from Boolean Algebra and Networks.

Steam Labs offers intensive exam preparation as well as hour by hour tutoring, get in touch for more information.

IB Computer Science

Steam Labs offers online tutoring for IB Computer Science (SL/HL offered).  Our tutors are able to offer private or group tutoring for databases, modeling, and simulation, web science and object-oriented programming.  


Programming in Python, Java and C++

Steam Labs offers courses in Python, Java and C++ from beginner to advanced using a range of online platforms and tools.  By the end of our courses, you would be able to:

  • Understand key programming terminology and write basic programs using variables, constants, iteration and selected
  • Write program code that uses data structures to organise large amounts of data 
  • Critically evaluate your own code and develop technical communication skills that will help you communicate with industry professionals