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Online Robotics Camps


Steam labs hosts online robotics camps yearly in April, June – July and December.

  • Our June – July summer camps runs for last week in June to the 3rd week of July
  • Our December Christmas camp runs for 1 week from the 27th – 31st December
  • Our Songkran/Easter camp runs for 1 week from the 5th – 9th April

What do are daily classes entail?

  • 2 hour online sessions with daily homework 
  • Morning (09.00 – 11.00) and afternoon (13.00 – 15.00) sessions available
  • Class size 2 to 6 students

Do students need to have prior experience with VEX before joining the camp?

Our online course is tailored to students who have some experience with robotics and also no experience with robotics.  By limiting our class size, we can therefore teach the same content to students of all levels and differentiate instructions in the class.

Are students split into classes based on their experience with Robotics or Programming?

We are running a morning and an afternoon session.  If we are able to split students based on ability, we will however, this is not an important factor for us as we are able to provide independent support for each student.

Is the same content taught each week?

Program content that is taught over the 4 week period can be seen below.  New course content is taught on a weekly basis and expect students to steadily progress from week to week.

What happens if students join at different times through the camp?

As we have limited our class size to 6 students, we can therefore teach different content in both the morning and afternoon session.  Our teachers have experience in teaching students at a different pace, students will be working on tasks independently once the teacher has taught different concepts, therefore the teacher can support students at different points in the course.

What is the class duration each day?

Classes in the morning and afternoon sessions run for 2 hours.  There is also homework set every day, we expect students to spend 45 minutes to 1 hour on their homework to reinforce what is taught daily. 

What hardware and software do students need?

Students need to use either a Desktop computer, laptop or a tablet.  Students also need to have Google Chrome installed and must have a gmail account.

Is any discount offered if I sign my child up for more than 1 week?

The following promotions are available:

  • 5% discount if your child joins the summer camp for 2 weeks
  • 7% discount if your child joins the summer camp for 3 weeks
  • 12% discount if your child joins the summer camp for 4 weeks
  • FREE 30 minute introductory class on VEX VR in exchange for a review on Facebook or Google

Can my child join the morning and afternoon class?

We do not recommend parents to sign their children up for both sessions. Students are currently spending a lot of time studying online, it is therefore important to limit the amount of time students are spending on devices.  If your child is passionate about robotics, we will be opening up our studio for face to face sessions after the Covid-19 session improves, we also offer one to one lessons for VEX VR and teach students how to remotely connect to robots in our studio.  Further details can be seen under the programs menu at the top.

Can my child do a make up class if they are sick?

If your child is sick during the summer course, we can arrange for them to do a make up course from the 26th July to the 31st of July.  Parents should let us know 1 hour before if the student is going to be absent.  We are also able to arrange for students to complete make up classes in either morning or afternoon sessions.

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